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We do two things at Wholistic Massage:

1. Therapeutic Medical Massage and

2. Pain Relief Manual Therapy

And we’re really great at what we do.

 We are not the right massage therapy clinic for everyone.

If you’re looking for the pain relief and health benefits of science-backed, evidence-based massage and manual therapy, you have come to the right place.

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Relieve your pain with PRMT

Pain Relief Manual Therapy

Pain Relief Manual Therapy (PRMT) is the practice of combining myofascial release, fascial mobilization, neuromuscular clearing and trigger point therapy to relive pain, thereby lessening muscle spasms and restoring muscle tone and function to the injured area. PRTM is a comprehensive program of soft-tissue manipulation used to balance the body’s central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system. Based on neurological laws that explain how the central nervous system initiates and maintains pain, the goal of PRMT, is to help relieve pain and dysfunction by understanding and alleviating the underlying cause.

The body’s pain mechanism can be self-feeding and cyclical.  For example, an individual injures her shoulder playing golf. She holds her arm close to her body and guards against doing anything that might hurt it at work. She soon notices her lower back is sore and the next morning, as she gets up out of bed, she’s painfully aware of the crick in her neck. This pain cycle can compound and get continually worse.

When our bodies hurt, it’s just awful. There really isn’t any other way to say it. Pain keeps us from moving the way we want, sleeping the way we need, and living best way we can. When we’re in pain it’s harder to eat right, take care of life’s daily activities, and it makes it so much harder to take care of ourselves and the ones we love.

PRMT gets rid of pain and restores natural mechanical function to our bodies. PRMT reduces the need for addicting pain medication or non-steroidal pain relievers. PRMT can help you avoid invasive surgery. There are times when surgery is necessary, but wouldn’t you like to avoid the pain and cost if you could?

Your doctor can refer you to WM. Click here for our prescription and referral form to give your medical doctor, dentist, behavioral health provider, physical therapist, chiropractor, orthopedist, naturopath, podiatrist, or osteopath. Your doctor will provide a diagnosis for your care and massage therapy must be medically indicated for your health.  Wholistic Massage bills ONLY for the treatment provided under the scope of practice for a certified and licensed Massage Therapist.  Our therapists cannot diagnose medical issues. They will evaluate and develop a treatment plan according to your doctor’s diagnosis. Therefore, it is critical to have a referral/prescription from your doctor.

Click here to download the WM referral and prescription form for your doctor.  Make an appointment or check my insurance √


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Billing Insurance Information

Insurance & Massage Therapy

Yes it’s true! Your insurance may pay all or part of the cost of your massage treatment. Workers Compensation benefits cover  therapeutic massage treatments. Personal Injury/Auto Accident Insurance allows for therapeutic massage, as well. To get treatment you must provide a referral/prescription form to our office. You can find the form here.

It can be difficult to determine what your insurance benefits are. However, most large, private insurance companies cover massage therapy.  Federal IRS guidelines allow massage therapy treatments to be paid for out of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) which allow you to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. To take advantage of your FSA or HSA pre-tax dollars to pay for massage therapy, according to the IRS, your massage therapy must be medically necessary for your health.* Please have your medical, dental or behavioral health provider fill out WM’s referral/prescription form and bring it to our office.  You can find the form here.

Insurance companies are very specific about what medical services they cover. Wholistic Massage bills ONLY for the treatment provided under the scope of practice for a certified and licensed Massage Therapist.  Our therapists cannot diagnose medical issues. They will evaluate and develop a treatment plan according to your doctor’s diagnosis. Therefore, it is critical to have a referral/prescription from your doctor.  And if you’re using your FSA or HSA to pay for treatment, it’s required by law.

WM will bill most private health insurance on your behalf. Your co-pay, co-insurance or deductible is due at the time of service. If you are paying with your FSA or HSA account, or out of pocket, and submitting a claim for reimbursed to you by your insurance company, WM will provide a detailed superbill (invoice) with the information you need.

In Workers Comp and Auto accident/PIP cases, WM will file and bill insurance paperwork on your behalf with your insurance company. In addition, we are happy to work with your attorney.

Check my insurance. Or give us a call at (907) 312-9578.

*See Medical FSA and HSA Expense Eligibility List for Massage Therapy (IRS Code Section 213 (d) Eligible Expenses)

**Or you may have your provider complete this form and bring WM a copy for your chart. Click here for the Federal FAS Letter of Medical Necessity.

Questions about Massage and Manual Therapy?

Do you have questions?

Massage and Manual Therapy are new experiences for many people. We’ve met lots of people along the way who were interested in exploring massage therapy, but they didn’t know what to expect at a session, didn’t know anyone else who had these experiences, or didn’t know what questions to even ask. Maybe you are a massage veteran, but new to Wholistic Massage. Not to worry. If you have massage therapy questions, check out the frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that’s not listed, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask.

Massage Therapy Questions

“What happens if I fall asleep? I’ll be embarrassed if I drool or snore.”
“Do I have to be nude?”
“Should I tip?”
“What if I’m self-conscious?”
“Is it okay to talk during the treatments?”
“Does insurance cover massage therapy treatments?”
“When should I NOT have a massage?”
“What if I don’t feel comfortable?”
“What are the health benefits of massage?”
“What type of massage is available?”
“Where will I undress/dress?”
“What happens during the treatment?”
“What do I wear to a massage appointment wear?”


“What happens if I fall asleep? I’ll be embarrassed if I drool or snore.”

During a relaxation or well-being massage treatment, it is very common for clients to nod off for a little nap. Your therapist will keep on working while you sleep. If you realize you are drooling, ask for a tissue. Same goes for when you nose is runny.


“Do I have to be nude?”

If your problem areas are your lower back, hips, buttocks, or groin, underwear will get in the way of your massage treatment. If you want to keep your underwear on, try wearing a thong for your treatment.

In addition, your therapist is an expert at draping in order to keep you covered during your treatment. They will ensure you are always modestly covered by a sheet, blanket or towel.  Only the body area being treated will be uncovered.

Please tell your therapist if you are feeling exposed or uncomfortable in any way.


“Should I tip?”

Wholistic Massage has a no tipping policy. Abundance and gratitude can co-exist with the respectful professional boundaries. We are so grateful to clients who wish to tip, but as healthcare professionals, we can’t accept. There are many ethical and lawful reasons healthcare workers do not accept tips. If our clients would like to express their appreciation, we ask and hope they will refer their friends and family to us.


“What if I’m self-conscious?”

At Wholistic Massage, our massage therapists are professional medical providers who are sensitive and understanding about body image issues, and are non-judgmental about body weight, size, tattoos, piercings, amount of hair, acne, skin conditions, scars, disabilities, medical conditions, age, personal history or lifestyle. We know many people have issues regarding touch, privacy, modesty and acceptance.

Being self-conscious is sometimes a factor when people are contemplating healthcare options.  We hope these issues don’t keep you from seeking healthcare of any type, whether its treatment from your massage therapist or seeing your medical doctor.

If you are concerned, tell your therapist and we will do everything possible to address your concern and customize your treatment.  For example, we can adjust your treatment so you can wear loose, comfortable clothes or receive treatment through a sheet. Come in and get the best treatment in Anchorage! – in the judgement free zone at Wholistic Massage. If you have a something you want to ask about, call (907) 312-9578 or contact us. We’ll do all we can to help you feel as comfortable as possible.


“Is it okay to talk during the treatments?”

Yes! It is okay to talk, but you may get more benefit from a relaxation massage treatment if you let go of your everyday worries or concerns. If you are nervous about the process of receiving massage and need to talk, go right ahead. Some clients talk to unwind and decompress. That’s fine too. This is your massage treatment. Your therapist won’t talk about his or her personal life, but they will answer any questions you have about your treatment. If your session is PRMT based, the therapist will need to stay in constant communication with you regarding comfort levels and pain relief.


“Does insurance cover massage therapy treatments?”

Large insurance companies often cover massage therapy treatments.  Click here to read more about insurance billing at WM.


“When should I NOT have a massage?”

Do not have a massage treatment if you are experiencing any of the following signs, symptoms, or circumstances:

  • You have a fever (treatment could make symptoms worse)
  • You were just injured (seek medical treatment to stabilize the injury)
  • You are dizzy or nauseated (treatment could aggravate your symptoms)
  • You are sick with a cold or flu (treatment could aggravate your symptoms)
  • You are contagious (treatment could aggravate your symptoms and in this case, sharing isn’t nice)
  • You are severely bruised (treatment could aggravate your symptoms)
  • You have have open wounds (treatment might be able to be given excluding the wound areas)
  • You have new uncontrolled skin condition (treatment could aggravate your symptoms)
  • You are burned or have a sunburn (treatment could be given excluding burned areas).

In these cases, it’s important to stabilize your medical condition first. After you have recovered, or the condition is under the management of a medical provider, it’s okay to have your massage treatment.

In general, medical concerns or conditions might call for an adjusted treatment technique or length of session.

When you need to change an appointment because you are under the weather, quickly and easily reschedule your appointment by calling 907-312-9578 as soon as possible. You will never incur a “no show” charge when you reschedule at least 24 hours before your appointment.

That being said, we know that Life just happens.  If you need to change your appointment on short notice, please call (907) 312-9578 and talk to our staff.


“What if I don’t feel comfortable?”

Your well-being in the most important thing to us at Wholistic Massage.  We want your experience to be comfortable, safe, healthy and terrific.  If you are not happy with something that’s happening, please let us know. Tell your therapist if you are not comfortable, too cold, too warm, or if something’s just not right.  We will do our very best to make things better.  If we know something’s amiss, we can to our best to fix it or try another treatment.


“What are the health benefits of massage?”

Generally, clients get massage therapy treatments for general relaxation and wellbeing, or to address a specific complaint, such as pain or limited range of motion. Massage therapy treatments contribute to both goals.

Some of the general benefits of massage therapy are:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improved circulation, nourishing cells and improving metabolic waste elimination from the body’s tissues
  • Relief for tight muscles (knots), adhesions, and other aches and pains
  • Release of nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica, tingling toes and fingers)
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion (especially in shoulders and hips)
  • Enhanced energy and vitality
  • Some modalities, like PRMT, may help smooth scar tissue, heal tendons, ligaments, and muscle tears.

Learn more about the benefits of massage therapy treatments, click here.


“What type of massage is available?”

We have many Therapeutic Medical Massage and  Pain Relief Manual Therapy treatments available. We also provide Wellness Massage for patients wanting relaxation and stress relief: and a lot of pampering.

Call us at 907-312-9578 or drop us a line here to ask us which treatment is recommended for you.


“Where will I undress/dress?”

You will change alone in a private treatment room. There will be hooks for your personal items and a small bowl so you can store your rings, watch or other accessories during you treatment. You will have a chair to sit on and a table to place small items.


“What happens during the treatment?”

When you arrive at the office, check in at the desk. After you’re checked in and completed your daily sheet ( it takes just a minute or two), the massage therapist will greet you in the reception area and you will follow the therapist to the treatment room.  There, you’ll have a confidential discussion with the therapist about your health history and what your goals are for the treatment. You may ask any questions you have about the process.  When the discussion is finished, the therapist will leave the room, close the door behind them, and  you will undress, in private, to your level of comfort. Most clients remove all of their clothing, but many people leave their underwear on. The important thing is that you are comfortable.

Next, get on the massage table under the sheet and blanket.  The table warmer will generally be on, so the table will be warm and comfy for you. Depending on whether you’ll begin your treatment lying on your back or face up, the face cradle will be available for you. When you get on the table, just slide up and put your face comfortably in the cradle and relax. Relaxing soft music will be playing.

When you are covered and situated, the therapist will knock on the door before entering, come into the room, and your treatment will start.

If you are cold, too warm, uncomfortable, have a question, or if the pressure of the massage is too much, or not what you expected, please speak up and tell your therapist. Also, don’t hesitate to tell your therapist they are doing a great job!

After the treatment, your therapist will leave the room and close the door. Gently roll off the massage table, taking your time, and get dressed.  Taking a few minutes to get grounded is fine, especially if you are feeling really relaxed or light-headed. There are tissues and make-up remover wipes available in the room for you to touch up, if you’d like.

After you’re dressed, open the treatment room door just a little, and have a seat in the chair.  The therapist will knock on the door and join you again. He or she will bring you some water, go over the treatment with you, and talk about any questions you may have.

When you’re finished, exit to reception to make your next appointment. Enjoy the rest of your day!


“What do I wear to a massage appointment wear?”

Wear whatever you’d like to your massage appointment.  Often patients will wear comfortable clothes so they can undress and dress easily. Some patients will be more comfortable in shorts and a tank top or exercise bra for some treatments orthopedic modalities.  You will be notified by email before your appointment, if this is the case.